Stansell Electric Company Wins Rock Solid Technology Award

Best Integration With A Third Party Application!

Every year, Viewpoint asks for examples of companies using technology in creative ways to solve a business problem and awards the best solution a Rock Solid Technology Award.  Integration of a Third Party App occurs when Viewpoint does not perform a function and company needs to develop a way to connect it with another software service.

Stansell Electric Company needed a way to increase our survey response rate and listen to the feedback from our customer to ensure that our short term financial goals and long term customer relationship goals are aligned for sustainable success. We had outgrown a paper survey process, so we worked with Keystyle Data Solutions to integrate Viewpoint with Survey Monkey for a more automated process.  Our solution automatically notifies PMs and coordinators of when surveys may need to be sent and when they are received while still allowing the input of paper survey responses.  Since the data is stored in the system, it is easily included in our standard reporting environment.  By winning the award, Stansell received a free registration to the 2016 Viewpoint Conference in Portland, OR and an opportunity to present our solution to other companies.  In recognition of her efforts in leading the project, Lauren Brooks will be attending the conference to join in the presentation of the Survey solution and attend events that will showcase features and strategies available to make life in Vista easier for our project managers.

Many thanks to Lauren, Michael Arnold (our technology guru), our partners at Keystyle, and all of the project coordinators, project managers, foremen and crews who bring the technology to life as they work to make our customers happy and gather their feedback!