Transportation & Infrastructure

Stansell Electric’s Transportation and Infrastructure service group are specialized technicians dedicated to keeping you running. Whether another contractor accidentally damaged your underground service, a traffic pole needs to be reset after an accident, or you need prepared preventative maintenance on your equipment, we are here to help.



Regular maintenance is key to reducing costs. We can set up programs tailored to your needs including:

  • Preventative maintenance to eliminate recurring issues and extend equipment life
  • Programming of updates for traffic signal and light controllers including adjusting timing and communications.
  • Maintenance of widely distributed ITS systems including control centers, endpoints devices, and all associated connections.
  • Regular testing of critical siren and early warning systems



When critical infrastructure has been damaged, time is of the essence. Our 24×7 service includes:

  • Correcting outdoor lighting outages including parking lot and highway high mast lighting
  • Repair of traffic signal outages
  • Resetting poles knocked down from traffic accidents
  • Underground utility and duct repair
  • School zone and flashing beacon repair


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