Security & Access Control

Stansell is in the business of safety—the best choice to help mitigate the security risks facing the modern workplace. Stansell is ahead of the ever-changing technology that’s essential to a proper security system that will help you to protect your intellectual property, manage your work force, control access to sensitive areas and even limit your exposure to frivolous lawsuits or workman’s compensation claims. An Access Control System, Video Surveillance System, Intrusion Detection System or Emergency Communication System is insurance that no company can afford to be without.



  • Evaluate your system to determine if it meets your current needs
  • Program and maintain the system for optimal performance and to keep up with changes in your business
  • Create a customized preventive maintenance program to keep your systems operating dependably
  • Provide off-site monitoring of your Intrusion, Video Monitoring and Fire Systems to help protect your people and property

Stansell is your partner for staying up to date on the latest in technology, so you can remain one step ahead of intrusion threats.

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