Companies across all industries trust Stansell Electrical to care for the efficiency, dependability and safety of their building’s electrical systems.

Electrical infrastructure and power distribution are fundamental assets of your building and can represent more than 15% of the total value of the structure. Add to that the value of the various devices that connect to building power—plus the cost of lost productivity when power is disrupted—and it’s clear how valuable this large investment is to your business.  When there’s a power outage, your business stands to lose.



  • Analyze your entire electrical system, or just a portion of it, to determine your current condition and risk
  • Use Infrared Technology to inspect your electrical system components and spot problems before they cause disruption
  • Analyze your electrical distribution system and condition and correct the power to better protect computers and other sensitive equipment
  • Troubleshoot your system and make repairs as needed
  • Develop a comprehensive, customized maintenance plan to optimize your system’s safety, efficiency and dependability


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