ABC Construction Award of Excellence Winner 2010


The owners of Zeledyne/Carlite, a windshield warehousing and distribution company, were burdened by excessive utility bills at their 495,000-square-foot warehouse. They also had concerns that the quality of light was sub-par for safe

“Our monthly electric bill went from an average of $25 thousand to between $10 & $15 thousand per month.”

~Scott Parker

and efficient operations. To find a solution, they turned to Stansell Electric, specialists in energy efficient lighting.

After review and assessment, Stansell replaced 928 individual lamps and installed motion detectors on 80% of the fixtures for greatly improved efficiency and dramatic savings. As a result, warehouse operators realized a 30% increase in lighting levels and a 50% decrease in energy used when compared to their original lighting system.

In the end, the operators of the facility achieved a positive return on investment 6 months earlier than projected at the outset. “Our monthly electric bill went from an average of $25,000 per month to between $10,000 and $15,000.” reported Plant Manager Scott Parker, “We also greatly reduced our heat imprint.”


Project Details

  • Removed 910 – 400 watt metal halide fixtures
  • Installed 910 – 256 watt Semaphore T5HO 4 lamp fluorescent high bay light fixtures.
  • Integrated 564 occupancy sensors.
  • Increased overall illuminance from 19fc to 32fc; an increase of 68%
  • Improved avgerage illuminance in working areas from 15fc to 25fc; an increase of 66%

Zeledyne/Carlite Savings Graph


Considering that lighting accounts for 20 to 25 percent of the electricity used annually in the United States, enormous energy savings are possible by retrofitting existing buildings with current technologies. This includes not only direct cost savings from an improved lighting system, but also savings from environmental costs as a result of reduced heat gain and increased worker productivity. In addition, using energy efficient equipment, effective controls, and careful design does more than simply save money. A properly designed system also results in increased visual performance and visual comfort through adequate and appropriate illumination and control of reflection and glare.