Vanderbilt Langford Auditorium

As a school prized for its academic achievements Vanderbilt University knew that they would be expected to provide a showpiece auditorium to represent the caliber of guests they would host. That’s why—when it came time to rehab their main lecture hall—Vanderbilt chose Stansell Electric. Stansell partnered with Turner Universal to provide the expertise in lighting and control systems necessary to make Vanderbilt’s new auditorium shine.

The installation included a complete electrical and house lighting system, as well as modifications to the existing theatrical dimming system. Work started in September 2007 and was completed on time in June 2008.


“Stansell Electric was one of our top performers on this project. I will try to use them on all my projects.”

~ David Dasal, Turner Universal

  • 800-Amp main distribution panel to feed audience chamber, stage lighting, back-of-house lighting, ‘follow spot’ room, and mechanical rooms.
  • Switchgear consisting of one (1) 112.5KVA transformer to feed a 400-Amp stage dimming panel, one (1) 112.5KVA transformer to feed a 400-Amp company switch, one (1) 112.5KVA, K-13 rated transformer to feed a 400-Amp audio sequencer panel and one (1) 15KVA transformer to feed additional mechanical equipment.
  • Modification of the Life Safety branch circuitry, and installation of full raceway system for all low voltage systems, e.g., fire alarm, audio/video and data communications.