Novita Technologies

Time was of the essence when Novita Technologies emerged from a corporate buyout. With the high demands of production and a backlog of orders for automotive giants such as GM and Honda, it was essential Novita get up and running quickly in order to ensure profitability and success. With only 6 weeks to outfit a new production facility, Novita trusted Stansell Electric to take the challenge.


“[We] knew that we took on a challenging task… We knew that we would need vendors that were economical, dependable, and professional. Stansell came through on all accounts. Every level that we interfaced with was professional and very serious about completing the job correctly. Your team beat every timeline and was very good to work with. The end result was a successful launch and a successful new partnership developed.”

~ Robert E. Wells, VP Operations, Novita

In the end Stansell met all milestones ahead of schedule and, despite the accelerated pace, was able to turn in over 2,000 man-hours without injury. The new facility enabled Novita’s management to save 40 jobs from going overseas, fill all customer orders on time and allow Stansell employees to bring home yet another ABC Construction Award of Excellence.

  • Building power converted from 120/208V 3ѓ to 277/480V 3ѓ
  • Provided single point electrical for all production equipment
  • 20A circuits installed in the office and around entire perimeter
  • Network drops installed in refurbished office space
  • Replaced existing lights with industrial grade high bay T-5 HO fixtures
  • New high efficiency lighting fixtures qualified for Energy Star commercial tax incentives
  • Design for powering manufacturing lines was mesh cable tray for easy modifications