Transportation & Infrastructure

Only a contractor with the size and skills of Stansell Electric can handle the large and often high profile nature of transportation, signal construction and site infrastructure work. With over 60 years of experience and the right mix of staff and large equipment, Stansell is the premier choice in this arena.

The Stansell organization consists of licensed Professional Engineers, in addition to ITS and IMSA certified technicians. As such, Stansell Electric has the expertise necessary to handle anything from the simplest operation to the most complex Intelligent Transportation Systems currently being implemented.

In addition, Stansell is experienced to handle more than traditional design-tender projects. Stansell has the expertise, mix of disciplines and coordination of staff to engineer your most complex design-build initiatives.

Finally, Stansell Electric is a proven, trusted partner in the contract of public work. Stansell’s dedicated Estimators and Project managers are trained to handle the rigorous reporting activities required by government projects. With an HRA-E-1 Electrical License, Stansell is prepared to work in all areas including Highway, Rail, and Airport projects.



  • CCTV (Closed Circuit TV)
  • RDS (Radar Detection Systems)
  • HAR (Highway Alert Radios)
  • DMS (Dynamic Message Signs)
  • VDS (Video Detection Systems)

In addition, Stansell Electric has the ability to install and maintain the fiber optic infrastructure and the central control and operations facilities to support these devices, with the experienced engineers and ITS technicians who are unique to a company that specializes in transportation work.

With more that 250 million vehicles on U.S. roadways today, now more than ever, effective systems for monitoring and controlling traffic are critical to the nation’s transportation infrastructure. Stansell Electric has a core group of professionals dedicated to the installation and ongoing maintenance of complex systems, including:



  • New signal installation
  • Signal repair and maintenance
  • Temporary signal setups
  • Traffic signal design services

Stansell’s IMSA certified crews can work safely on the busiest of intersections and roadways with a minimum of interruption.

Stansell Electric has been a leader in traffic signal installation and programming for decades and will continue to be the best choice into the future, providing full-service for:



  • Highway lighting
  • High mast lighting
  • Parking lot lighting

Stansell Electric understands that a properly lit roadway is key to driver safety and that justification for highway lighting is measured in terms of a cost savings due to accident reduction. Stansell’s dedicated estimators, engineers and installation crews have the experience to provide the proper luminance necessary for any roadway scenario, including:



Stansell Electric is the choice for high-profile sports lighting with experience working with elite universities and lighting NCAA-rated sports fields. Stansell has the ability to manage both the design and construction of a system that’s sure to illuminate every bit of action and give your fans something to cheer about.



Stansell Electric is an experienced resource when underground utilities are part of commercial and residential site development. As a site infrastructure contractor, Stansell Electric knows how to make grounds look good by reducing the overhead power and communication lines that were once the standard. Stansell has the proper equipment, safety record and qualified personnel necessary to bury campus utilities while still providing adequate manhole access for future maintenance. This sets Stansell Electric apart as the desired contractor when it comes to duct bank installation and site utility, power distribution, and communications infrastructure.



  • In-pavement centerline lights
  • Touchdown lights
  • Other critical runway and taxi way lighting

As substantiated by a history of award-winning work, Stansell Electric ensures safe working environments while providing a working knowledge of the security necessary to perform in such sensitive public spaces.

While most contractors are comfortable working only in the terminal, Stansell Electric steps outside with proven capability and expertise to work directly on the airfield. With extensive experience in the demanding standards and precise tolerances required, Stansell is able to install: