Technology Integration

Stansell’s Technology Integration Group is the premier provider of complex technology solutions in the Southeast. With a focus on communications, wireless networking and video analytics, this group leverages the knowledge and skills of seasoned design, engineering and field installation professionals. For project perfection, Stansell continuously seeks best-in-class resources by collaborating with leading design firms, contractors and technology specialists as necessary to supplement in-house experts.

As an elite subset of the Stansell organization, the strength of Stansell’s Technology Integration Group is not simply from a proficiency in any one field. Rather, the group has collective expertise at its core, providing strength to engineer successful outcomes in complex situations. For Stansell customers, the result is a seamless experience between multiple disciplines, a collaboration that is absolutely necessary to integrate modern electrical and electronic systems.



Stansell provides turnkey systems, designed from the ground up using standards-based TIA, IEEE, and NEC compliant products from industry leading manufacturers. These solutions include copper and fiber optic media types, in settings ranging from small business to large municipal and campus footprint deployments.

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Stansell can design the wireless networks necessary to connect buildings, campuses and even cities. We specialize in mesh architecture deployments for Police, Security and City IT applications. We can also provide Distributed Antenna Systems engineered to provide RF, Broadband and WIFI wireless coverage within buildings such as hospitals and convention centers.



Stansell is a leading provider of best in class video and security management platforms. These systems provide basis for the overlay of applications such as sophisticated video analytics, facial and license plate recognition, and they include powerful sets of features required for enterprise level HR integration.



Stansell has the ability to install and maintain advanced data center implementations with high density and redundant network connectivity. We provide the design and installation to ensure inclusion of the latest in high density plug-and-play fiber connectivity and copper distribution for LAN and SAN requirements up to Category 7 standards.



Asset tracking is a critical function for many in healthcare, manufacturing and product distribution. Stansell provides design, installation and integration capabilities for Infrared, RF, and Ultrasound technology—all Real Time Locating Systems that drive the accurate management of asset and personnel flow.