Healthcare Systems

Technology is fundamental to the operation of any modern healthcare enterprise. Stansell is a true healthcare integrator—proven in meeting the demands of these complex healthcare systems. Stansell fully understands the operational advantages and legislative requirements,  such as HIPPA compliance, that are driving the transformative changes in healthcare today.

As healthcare specialists, Stansell coordinates the efforts of multiple parties, bringing together owners, general contractors, and engineers and putting everyone on the same page for project success.  With a decade + of design experience, Stansell adeptly uses industry standard tools and building blocks for extensible and future-proof technology infrastructures. Stansell’s experienced professionals can coordinate the key systems that keep the modern healthcare system functioning.



Stansell that has a proven track record in:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Assisted living sites
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Multi-tenant medical buildings

Healthcare facilities have a unique set of regulations and requirements, and healthcare providers constantly strive to improve patient experience.



Stansell’s experience in security spans over 30 years with proficiencies in:

  • Access Control
  • Closed Circuit TV and Surveillance
  • Gate and Vehicle Access Control
  • Indoor and Outdoor Emergency Phones

Patient and staff safety are a serious concern in any large public facility.



That’s why Stansell takes care when designing systems for:

  • Patient Family Alert
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Interactive Entertainment style TV distribution
  • Infant Abduction and Monitoring
  • Nurse Call

Kind consideration for the comfort of patient and family are essential.



  • Central Dictation
  • Central Clock
  • Equipment Tracking and ROI Monitoring
  • Real Time Locating

Compliance and litigation concerns often require a close scrutiny of medications, equipment, staff, and procedures. Our employees are knowledgeable on the systems that handle these issues in an efficient cost effective manner.



  • Full Data Center Design & Installation
  • Structured Cabling & Communications Infrastructure
  • Facility wide Public Address and Intercom
  • Real Time Locating
  • Radio Communication for Emergency Vehicles & Personnel
  • Wireless LAN & DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) for Complete Campus Coverage

Our design and installation professionals have mastered the essential building blocks of an integrated technology system. At Stansell we have taken the time to learn healthcare from leading industry professionals. As a result, we design systems for a positive impact on patient stay
and maximum impact on operational efficiency.