Green Power

Solar energy has transformed from an emerging technology to a viable solution. Whether your goal is to reduce energy dependence, increase sustainability or simply offset your electricity bill, Stansell Electric is your partner for solar solutions. Stansell provides efficient, reliable photovoltaic systems that result in short term returns for your business and a positive, long-term impact for the environment.



New technologies don’t have to be complex or unstable. That’s why Stansell Electric has adopted the grid tied system as the standard for all solar installs. This method effectively isolates a traditional electrical system from the solar powered system—while still retaining the economic and sustainability benefits that result from site-produced solar power.



Stansell Electric’s experienced designers make sure each system has optimum reliability. With a grid tied system, there are no power quality, battery banks or battery charging issues to worry about. Each install works like a micro generation station with its own generation meter providing electricity to the main supply on the provider’s side, rather than directly to your building’s electrical system.



Through a combination of installation grants, tax credits and local utility buy-back programs, a Stansell Electric installed solar system can pay for itself over time. Currently, utilities are paying customers up to 12¢/kWh above market rate—the rate that a customer pays the utility for the same electricity! Combine that savings with commercial and residential incentives for installation, and the full ROI becomes clear.

Want to learn more? Click here to participate in US Green Building Council webinar hosted by Stansell.


To view live output from Stansell’s 4JLP solar installation.