Green Lighting

Employing both NCQLP Lighting Certified™ and USGBC LEED™ Accredited staff, Stansell Electric sets a new standard when it comes to energy efficient lighting. Our goal is to help all companies reduce their carbon footprint while simultaneously lowering their lighting bills. Whether a project is a new build or the retrofit of an existing space, the experienced professionals of Stansell have a proven process for designing the most efficient and effective systems possible.


Can you measure your project’s return on investment? With Stansell, the answer is Yes!

Stansell’s specialized lighting professionals will meet with you in order to understand the unique requirements of your business. The Stansell team will cover all priorities with you, paying special attention to your workflow, the comfort and productivity of your employees, as well as the standards for your building and industry type. The information gathered will be used in the design phase to ensure you will get a quantifiable return on your investment.



Latest In Green Lighting Technology

  • LED
  • Induction
  • Pulse Start Metal Halide
  • Linear Fluorescent

Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, Stansell’s certified lighting professionals will customize a solution to fit your needs. You’ll receive a computer generated model showing the lighting levels that can be achieved along with reports highlighting the potential reduction in watts used and outlining the return on project investment. In addition, you will be provided details showing your reduced emissions and electricity saved, making the full economic and environmental benefits of a Stansell Electric project abundantly clear.



Stansell has a history of delivering on time and within budget for new builds and retrofits alike. For work done in facilities that are open for business, Stansell’s trained technicians provide turnkey system installations that won’t impact business. Stansell also takes great care in providing environmentally responsible disposal of existing fixtures and hazardous materials such as mercury vapor lamps. Upon completion, a Certificate of Disposal will be issued, guaranteeing the disposal was done according to regulatory guidelines.



Stansell’s job doesn’t end when the installation is complete. The Stansell team remains involved to help clients properly take part in lucrative programs like the TVA EnergyRight Incentives and the Energy Policy Act’s Tax Credits. Whether offering guidance on how to properly complete forms or providing the documentation required by each program, Stansell Project Managers are there to ensure every customer receives the greatest financial benefit from their energy efficient system.