Recognition Awards

Each year Stansell recognizes employees who, through special effort, have done an outstanding job in improving themselves, the company, and those around them.


Get ‘Er Done Award | Bill Wise

Employee who demonstrates superb productivity in the field in terms of quantity and quality on a day-in and day-out basis.

Banker’s Award | Brad Norris

Employee who regularly demonstrates best practices for cash management in an industry where cash is critical to a company’s prosperity and survival.

Rainmaker Award | Brian Landry

The Estimator or Project Manager who has best captured new business through innovative customer and market initiatives.

Light Bulb Award | Bryce Standbridge

Field employee who regularly injects intelligent thinking and innovation into challenging tasks and procedures to improve the outcome of work.

Mt. Everest Award | Eric Furlough

Productivity and leadership in the field on a continuous basis regardless of the degree of difficulty or obstacles encountered.

Red Cross Award | Jeremy Parrott

Employee who is most continuously mindful of safe operating practices and takes the necessary steps to keep their colleagues and themselves safe at all times.

Sharpshooter Award | John Gibbons

Estimator or Project Manager who has ably pursued and captured new business and customers through proactive, intentional efforts.

Outside the Box Award | John Grogan

Office employee who demonstrated outstanding innovation and insight to improve overall future performance and productivity of the division.

Fountain of Knowledge Award | John Pace

Employee who gave the best suggestions over the course of the year oriented at making his team’s and the company’s projects more successful.

Core Values Award | Josh Roberts

Employee whose attitude and ethics reflect those virtues identified by the Owners and management as most important to the company.

Chess Masters Award | Justin Couts

Employee who maximizes time and opportunity in the field through pre-planning of resources and work scheduling.

Bits and Bytes Award | Kenny McDonald

Project Manager who has made the most progress in mastering software and systems to benefit himself and others in the pursuit of project excellence.

Buttered Bread Award | Mike Ezzo

Employee who most recognizes that the company’s future depends on delighting customers and goes the extra mile to ensure that outcome.

Ambassador Award | Mike Goodwin

Employee whose attitude and ethics continuously represents the best of Stansell to his co-workers, customers and owners.

TN Titan Award | Russ Downey

Employee who continuously delivered outstanding customer satisfaction to make companies die-hard fans of Stansell Electric.

Sponge Award | Sean Lowe

Employee who has most embraced the opportunities to himself or herself through training offered by Stansell and externally.

Henry Ford Award | Steve De Benedetto

An internal operations employee who has added extraordinary value to the company through innovation or novel process.

Building Block Award | Terri Osborne

Internal operations employee who makes Stansell employees more successful and satisfied through exemplary attitude, effort and service.

Sage Award | Tony Chaffin

Employee dedicated to imparting wisdom and knowledge to newer employees for the long term benefit of the company.

Tinker Award | Tracey Bratcher

Employee who best utilizes company software and systems and advances his or her knowledge of those systems for the betterment of the company.