Better Software For Us, Better Service For You

We are pleased to announce that Stansell’s Specialized Services Group has gone live with the new Viewpoint Service Management module. This is the culmination of months of collaborative work with our long time software vendor, Viewpoint Construction Software, and our own service team.

Benefits Include

  • Faster work order dispatch
  • Better insight into customer data
  • Improved tracking of open work
  • Elimination of data double entry
  • More efficient back office integration
  • An overall better business process

Stansell’s dedication to improving customer service was the determining factor in accepting the challenge of working with Viewpoint to be one of only two early adopters of a new service software package.

At Stansell, we work hard to constantly improve our systems for tangible results. Employing talented staff, strategic vendor relationships, and a culture of excellence, we utilize best in class technology that has lasting benefit internally and externally. It is through constant analysis and investment in our business that we are able to improve operating efficiency as a company, resulting in better service to our customers.


Viewpoint Work Center Screen

In addition to normal daily responsibilities, Stansell’s combined service and IT team took on additional tasks by assisting the developers at Viewpoint. The process started with working through initial discovery, followed by the alpha and beta testing stages that are required for a new software release.

This collaborative work took months as Viewpoint led the project through regular update meetings, feature and bug testing, and department analysis. The resulting software will be released by Viewpoint CS and made available to all customers starting in December 2011.


Viewpoint Construction Software of Portland, OR is relentlessly dedicated to providing the most advanced and efficient management software available to the construction and service industry. They continuously strive for innovation in construction management technology.

With over 30 years of intense focus and collaboration with their clients, they have developed a rock-solid software platform to help construction and service professionals easily manage their business across all areas of operations.