Green Options

Stansell Electric is concerned with providing the best choices today that lead to a better tomorrow. That is why we offer customers economically viable green solutions. Through technologies that promote sustainability such as photovoltaic solar and high efficiency lighting, and qualified staff that include USGBC LEED AP™ and NCQLP Lighting Certified™ personnel, Stansell provides alternatives that are both economically and environmentally beneficial.


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USGBC MIDDLE TENNESSEE CHAPTER – Stansell Electric is proud to host the USGBC’s Bi-Monthly Brown Bag Webinar Series

Who should attend?
Architects, Engineers, Contractors and anyone interested in earning AIA or LEED AP Continuing Education Credits or just wanting to learn more about sustainability and green building topics. Attendees must register for each webinar session through the USGBC Mid TN Chapter website.

Date and Time
11:30am to 1:00pm on the 2nd Thursday and 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning March 22nd. See the attached schedule for a list of actual dates and webinar topics. Each webinar presentation lasts no longer an hour and a half.

Each webinar has been prepared as a presentation by the national USGBC and will be facilitated by the USGBC Mid TN Chapter Education Committee.